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Online Career Planning And Job References By is a comprehensive web directory which collects all the companies and organizations web sites related to career and employment.We know that the Internet is an overwhelming space and finding just the information you need can still be a frustrating and time-consuming process.

Our Mission To be the leading provider of quality e-business, advertising and information services for career and employment markets.Our reference directory includes careers and employment, training and education, job fairs, recruitment, staffing, careers profiles, job references and career guide.

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The Barrett Group Provides career development , professional job placement , Serving professional and executive job seekers in USA.

The Barrett Group was founded by Mr. John Seraichyk in 1990. The Barrett Group was organized to provide a broad spectrum of career development and professional job placement assistance for professionals and executives seeking higher level employment or career change.

Mr. Seraichyk participates in many Chamber of Commerce activities and events supporting individuals in the job market. John is the founder of P.O.W.E.R. (People Offering Ways to Employment Resources) a networking group sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and he also volunteers as a frequent guest lecturer at colleges and universities throughout New England.

CareerChange.Com Serving professional and executive job seekers throughout the United States and the world since 1990. We have assisted thousands of executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs with career change, and/or finding better employment opportunities. We are the oldest continuously successful and most experienced firm in our industry.

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Executives $250k+
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Career Guidance, Coaching , Corporate Services , Work Planning -Career Directions, USA.

Gail Liebhaber has been involved in the field of career development for over 20 years as a trainer, consultant, coach and counselor. She has an M.Ed. with a specialization in career counseling and is a Licensed Social Worker in Massachusetts. She is a MBTI Charter Certified Practitioner for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Strong Interest Inventory and the FIRO-B (Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior), a leadership development tool. Gail recently completed a spiritual psychology training course at the Concord Institute in Concord, MA.

Gail established her private practice in 1994, dedicated to the mission of coaching adults through career transitions with effective and empowering results. Using a variety of tools and strategies, Gail counsels clients individually in life/work planning, job search strategies and work enhancement.

Working within corporations and non-profits, Gail facilitates a wide spectrum of career-related trainings and consultations, advising participants on concerns such as: leadership development, team building, career management and life/work balance issues. Partial client list includes: Harvard School of Public Health, AT&T (Verizon), Digital (Compaq), SCORE, Training Development Center, Friends of the Shattuck Shelter. Currently, Gail is a subcontractor for Resource Careers, International Specialists in Dual-Career and Family Relocation Services.

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Gail Liebhaber, M.Ed., Career Directions
GWL Consulting - Career Consultant / Coach

40 Cottage Street, Lexington, MA 02420
Phone: (781) 861-9949 Fax: (781) 863-5956

Career Change Advice And Intervewing Tips By

Do you hate your job? Want a career change? Not sure what you want to do?Do you hate your job? Want a career change? Not sure what you want to do? Or how you can afford to change jobs now? has compiled expert advice on these issues and more.

We started this website because of friends who hated their jobs but told us they saw no hope for change. Not sure what to say, We started reading. We found some patronizing and eye-glazing career advice from employment professionals, but We also found useful, thought-provoking ideas that We believe can help anyone trying to change careers. We 've collected the best tips on how to change careers.

Currently, we have on our list of recommended products, the ebook, The Occupational Adventure and the Making Dreams Happen Audio Program. And We wanted to look at the ebook, Green Monday, but We just haven't had time. Then We thought, why not pay readers (or listeners of the audio) program to write a review.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Riley Guide provides employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet from Rockville, MD ,USA.

The Riley Guide introduces you to the online job search, listing many online sites and services that are useful for your job search. They do not post jobs nor resumes but instead point you to the places that do.

The Riley Guide is a directory of employment and career information sources and services on the Internet. It is primarily intended to provide instruction for job seekers on how to use the Internet to their best advantage, but recruiters and other career service industry professional will find information here to help them also

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Margaret F. Dikel
The Riley Guide
11218 Ashley Dr.
Rockville, MD 20852

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Online Career Guidance Resources for North America by Career Cruising

Career Cruising is a most leading creator of online career guidance resources for the North American marketplace. Established in 1997, Career Cruising is presently used by more than eight thousand institutions all over North America, including schools, libraries, colleges, universities and employment agencies.

With an established brand name for quality content, innovative technology, and excellent customer service, Career Cruising has emerged as a useful tool for districts, counties, states, or provinces looking to implement a comprehensive and easy-to-use career guidance system.

Career Cruising is committed to regularly updating and devoloping our products to better serve clients now and in the future. For this, we concentrate heavily in research and development, we listen carefully to our clients' neccisities and expectations.

Career Crusing seek out complementary partnerships and alliances to ensure our site remains at the forefront of the career guidance industry

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Career Cruising
1867 Yonge Street,
Suite 1002Toronto,
Ontario M4S 1Y5

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tips for Finanancial Professionals And Lawyers-Kennth Schuman,NJ,USA.

Careers Transition provides Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring, Advising, Testing and Evaluation services.

Kenneth Schuman is the founder of Careers Transition Associates - For Financial Professionals and Lawyers

He has extensive experience in financial services for more than 20 years. He was Vice President, Corporate Finance, for Lehman Brothers, Inc. and President of American Newlands, Inc.

He had successfully transitioned in and out of investment banking and real estate himself. Prior to working at Lehman Brothers, he was Commissioner of Economic Development for the City of New York. After leaving Lehman Brothers, he became President of American Newlands, Inc.

He has experience and training to advice people change their careers. he had earned both Master of Business Administration (Columbia University) and Master of Social Work degrees and he is a Certified Professional Behavioral and Values analyst. he also served Queens County Mental Health Society as Executive Director.

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Change your career!

Minimize Economic Risk
Minimize Risk to Self Esteem
Transition Management
Have Realistic Expectations

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Kenneth Schuman
Careers Transition

191 Fells Road
Essex Fells, NJ 07021

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Career development and job-search advice for new college graduates -Jobweb,Bethlehem USA

JobWeb is a web site for career improvement and job related search information for college students and freshers.It is solely owned and sponsored by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE is America's bridge between higher education and the world of work.

1,800 member universities and colleges from across the United States and 1,900 employer organizations recruit college graduates and experienced professionals from NACE

JobWeb provides content that is supplemental to the Job search magazines, the most advisable job-search and career guides for alumni and today's graduates.


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Rewarding position in most sought Companies - Discover it through Career Genie

Career Genie - Welcome aboard to the ultimate place for Career Information, Job Placement and Job support services. This is the perfect place to make your dream come reality. is the official website for Berkeley employment services. With an proven experience of 70 years, our employment rate speaks volumes for itself. Our reputation lies in our experience of matching the right person with the right job which makes us the most valuable resource for hundreds of companies in a varied range of industries.

We will guide and advice you to discover a Rewarding position with one of the top and most sought companies around the world.Don't even waste a second even more. We grant your wishes to come true.

Genie Links -

Career Counsellor

Access to jobs with salary ranges of $25,000 - $40,000
Trained, professional career counselors
Common sense, easy-to-follow advice
One-on-one resume assistance and interview preparation
A preview of current interview questions collected from firsthand feedback

Career Advice

Do Your Research On the company
Choose Your Words Carefully and Listen Closely.
Emphasize Skills.

Resume Advice

Discover how to translate your abilities and accomplishments into viable action words.
Your resume is the first impression of how you will perform in the job.
Explore the three basic resume formats: chronological, functional, and creative.

Cover Letter Assistance

The winning resume is one that gets results—a one-on-one with a prospective employer

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