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PreSenSys - A company of experienced professionals.

PreSenSys offers customized soft-skills-based reports through its network of PreSenSys Resellers. The company is led by principals who combine solid business experience with decades of involvement with a variety of instruments, and is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board of distinguished psychologists.

If you've recently completed a PreSenSys Questionnaire, or you've been asked to do so, and you'd like to know a little more about PreSenSys, please feel free to look around our Web site. We're very proud of our combined social comparison and interest survey. It's user-friendly and powerful, and PreSenSys Resellers use it as a basis for many of their own products and services in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Using PreSenSys in your own business or consulting practice
If you've heard about the PreSenSys Questionnaire and Survey, and you'd like to use it in your business, you can learn more here and then contact us for further information.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Home Of The MAPP Assesment From U.S.A.

Based on years of development and success, MAPP provides a unique online assessment that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential.More than 6 million people have taken the MAPP assessment. MAPP has gone through extensive validity and reliability studies and is used by jobseekers, companies, schools, workforce centers and coaches.

The assessment consists of 71 triads of three statements. You must select the statement you MOST agree with and the statement you LEAST agree with, leaving one blank. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. Take the MAPP and you can view your results immediately online.

Jobseekers and individuals wanting to learn more about their strengths and motivations toward work can take the MAPP assessment at and receive a free sample report of their top motivators and job areas.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Life Values Inventory - A Values Assesment Guide For succesful Living From USA.

The Life Values Inventory (LVI) is designed to help individuals clarify and prioritize their values and serve as a blueprint for future decision making.

Values have long been viewed as important determinants of human behavior. Research has linked the essential aspect of values to organizational behavior, career decision making, academic performance, relationship satisfaction and life role planning. They have also been identified as central determinants of culturally unique behavior and thus are critical to the understanding of cultural differences.

In spite of the demonstrated influence of values on human functioning, professional counselors, consultants and educators have typically not used values measures because of the absence of an empirically based, easily administered and scored values inventory. The LVI was developed to fill this void.

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Kuder - Achieve Your Career Goals From IA, USA.

Kuder, Inc. is the leading provider of Internet-based tools and resources that help students and adults achieve their educational and career planning goals.

The Kuder Career Planning System has become the solution of choice for individuals around the world when it comes to identifying their interests, exploring their options, and planning for career success. The easy-to-use and completely customizable Internet-based system combines research-based interests, skills, and work values assessments with portfolio development, comprehensive education and career exploration capabilities along with powerful administrative database management.

Our clients include Educators, Students & Parents, Adult Career Changers, Business & Industry, and Government Agencies.

Each year, millions of students and adults use the Kuder Career Planning System worldwide. Many states, including Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia use our customized solutions statewide.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008 A Unique Job Search Web Site From CA,USA., (HRN) is the only web site that specializes in the identification and marketing of High Impact Players.Through the application of a proprietary assessment and a unique free agent process,they have created a talent pool of High Impact Players. HIP’s are drawn from a variety of knowledge-based
specialties such as Information Technology, Engineering, Geosciences, Financial Services, Accounting and theLaw. is transforming the hiring process by introducing an objective measure of an individual’s ability to successfully contribute.Based in Newport Beach, California, HRN identifies High Impact Players and matches them to organizations who expect their employees to think, initiate and execute.


To provide a new "yardstick" for identifying and selecting "high impact" employees in the knowledge based
economy. This validated yardstick will result in a win/win/win selection process: the acknowledgement of
employees as capital assets with a direct impact on the employer's bottom line.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

GROPER - Discover your ideal career.

Groper'S career assessment calculates your interest in over 170 occupations to determine the careers and areas of study that best suit you. It was developed by a professional Career Counsellor in 2006 and is based on over 5 years of research with more than 3000 people aged 15-55 years. The career assessment contains an extensive database of more than 500 courses and is updated every year with the latest careers and courses. Since it was launched, the assessment has received excellent feedback from users all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Our career assessment aims to provide you with a lifestyle choice, not just a job. It provides you with specific career options that match your interests and values.

In your Complete Report, you will discover the number of points you scored for each career and learn which occupations best suit you. Your Complete Report also contains suggested areas of study, an action plan, career resources, job search websites and motivational quotes to inspire you to find a career that you love.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

CareerXact Provides Right Job For The Right People.

Employers spend a lot of money finding and training each new employee. Without a valid understanding of that person’s 'soft skills' or ‘fit’, the employer has no idea if that person will succeed or fail. The employer wastes time and money, and frustrates everyone.

careerXact provides a unique method and online network to help job-seekers and hirers connect and communicate more efficiently and effectively, where previously the process has been slow, inaccurate and expensive.

An accurate job fit is the most valid predictor of future success.

careerXact measures 'soft skills'. A careerXact member can show employers, up front, that they've got the right personality, interests and work style fit, AND the right training & knowledge.

This means that careerXact members are preferable as job applicants – you’re on the fast track to the job you really want.And when you apply to a Participating Employer, you will receive priority treatment.

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