Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PreSenSys - A company of experienced professionals.

PreSenSys offers customized soft-skills-based reports through its network of PreSenSys Resellers. The company is led by principals who combine solid business experience with decades of involvement with a variety of instruments, and is guided by a Scientific Advisory Board of distinguished psychologists.

If you've recently completed a PreSenSys Questionnaire, or you've been asked to do so, and you'd like to know a little more about PreSenSys, please feel free to look around our Web site. We're very proud of our combined social comparison and interest survey. It's user-friendly and powerful, and PreSenSys Resellers use it as a basis for many of their own products and services in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

Using PreSenSys in your own business or consulting practice
If you've heard about the PreSenSys Questionnaire and Survey, and you'd like to use it in your business, you can learn more here and then contact us for further information.

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